Securities arbitration refers to the alternative dispute resolution process to resolve claims between broker firms and their customers and employees. FINRA operates the largest arbitration forum in the United States for the resolution of these disputes.

While no one can be forced to give up their rights to a trial in court, virtually all agreements between investors and their stockbrokers include mandatory arbitration agreements, and every registered stockbroker is required to arbitrate their disputes with their customers and firms.

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Comments on GAO Employment Arbitration Report

Dingell and Markey Comments on GAO Report Urge Changes in Employment Arbitration  Mandatory Arbitration Criticized; Arbitrator Qualifications and Ratings Questioned In a letter to SEC Chairman William H. Donaldson and to the two SRO arbitration forums, Congressmen John D. Dingell (D-MI) and Edward J. Markey (D-MA) offer their perspectives on […]


NYSE Arbitration Statistics 03/03

Claims up, but the increase is from industry, not customers NYSE STATS, 3/03: The New York Stock Exchange has maintained a small lead over the pace of new filings thus far this year, but filings are declining in the customer-related category. New claims filed during the first quarter of 2003 […]


NASD Defunct Firm Proposal

  The Securities and Exchange Commission has invited public comment on a rule proposal from NASD Dispute Resolution that would institute default arbitration procedures for non-responding defunct firms and terminated personnel. When the General Accounting Office disclosed in June 2000 (SAA 00-26) that many winning Claimants in arbitration do not […]


NASD Rule Change on Replacement Arbitrators

 NASD Rule Change on REplacement Arbitrators  Vacancies to be filled immediately, without a request from the parties. NASD RULE CHANGE ON REPLACEMENT ARBITRATORS Under a Rule proposal filed with the SEC last week, vacancies on Panels will be filled right away, without waiting for the parties to request a replacement […]


Limited Grounds to Compel Non-Signatory to Arbitrate

Limited Grounds Exist for Compelling Non-Signatory to Arbitrate MAG Portfolio Consult, GmBH vs. Merlin Biomed Advisors, LLC, No. 00-9502 (2d Cir., 10/10/01) This is a securities dispute between two former partners in investment advisory firms (the old Merlins) which received management fees from health care investment funds. When Plaintiff relinquished […]

Arbitration Case Law

Arbitration Agreements and Enforcement

To Compel Arbitration, Must Prove Knowing Acceptance of the Agreement This time, merely proving that the agreement was signed was not enough. Braga v. VMR Capital Markets, No. B144584 (Cal. App., 2Dist., 2/13/02). Arbitration Agreement * Contractual Issues (Mutual Assent) * Waiver * State Law, Applicability of * FAA (Section2). […]

Arbitration Brokers Case Law Compliance

Attempt to Void Settlement

Arbitration Panel Orders Return of Settlement Payment, and Awards Nothing. WEINBERG v. BEAR STEARNS & CO., INC., NYSE ID #2000-008216 (Los Angeles, 10/18/00): Recently confirmed, this Award presents an unusual outcome in a “two-bites-of-the-apple” scenario. According to the “Case Summary” section of the Award, Israel and Molly Weinberg entered into […]


Damage Control

IN 12 OR SO YEARS OF REPRESENTING securities professionals in arbitrations, I have heard a near-constant refrain from my clients and other members of the financial community: The arbitration process is not fair. The general complaints are that arbitrators are biased in favor of customers, particularly those who are sympathetic; […]

Arbitration News

Court Upholds Prehearing Dismissal of Clearing Broker

“Clearing firms are generally not responsible to customers for the actions of an introducing broker” Warren v. Tacher, C.A. No. 3:99-CV-806-R (W.D. Ky., 6/2/00): We mentioned this recent ruling in this well-known arbitration case in last week’s Arbitration Alert (00-26). The Award under challenge in this proceeding constituted the largest […]