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SEC Adopts Money Market Fund Reforms and Amendments to Form PF Reporting Requirements for Large Liquidity Fund Advisers

July 12, 2023 – The SEC today adopted amendments to certain rules that govern money market funds under the Investment Company Act of 1940. The amendments are designed to enhance the resilience and transparency of money market funds, particularly during periods of market stress. Significant Changes One of the key […]

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SEC Considering Fix to Loan Rule

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s staff is considering recommending a regulatory fix to the auditor independence issues caused by the Loan Rule, according to the SEC‘s semiannual regulatory agenda, which was made publicly available Thursday. The “Loan Rule,” actually a provision of Rule 2-01 of Regulation S-X, provides that an […]

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Do Mutual Fund Managers Add Value?

New Study Says Maybe Not By John M. Baker, Esq. A longstanding controversy is whether professional investment managers are able to add value. Some older studies have suggested that, at least for mutual fund investors, actively managed funds consistently underperform index funds. Now a study in the August 2000 issue […]