Securities arbitration refers to the alternative dispute resolution process to resolve claims between broker firms and their customers and employees. FINRA operates the largest arbitration forum in the United States for the resolution of these disputes.

While no one can be forced to give up their rights to a trial in court, virtually all agreements between investors and their stockbrokers include mandatory arbitration agreements, and every registered stockbroker is required to arbitrate their disputes with their customers and firms.

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Arbitration News

Removing a Sitting Arbitrator

  Proposals for Removal of Arbitrators Contemplated ARBITRATOR REMOVAL: What do you do when an Arbitrator on your Panel has a clear conflict and all routes to remove him/her have proved fruitless? Under the current SRO Rules (e.g., NYSE Rule 610), the Director of Arbitration “may remove an arbitrator based […]

Arbitration Case Law

Appeal Does Not Extend Time to Pay

Non-summary suspension proceeding for non-payment of an Award recently concluded with the suspension of a broker–dealer who is currently challenging the Award before the Ninth Circuit. Baraban Securities, nka Interfirst Capital Corporation, was held liable by a Portland-based Arbitration Panel for $53,400 in compensatory damages in February 2000 (Viersen v. […]


Punitive Damages in Arbitration

The issue of whether arbitrators should be permitted to award punitive damages in arbitration has been a hot issue in securities arbitration since the dawn of securities arbitration. In some states most notably New York, where the vast majority of arbitrations are held — the law always prohibited punitive damages […]


NASD Gets Tough On Discovery

NASD Gets Tough on Discovery A warning to firms and customers. Discovery issues have always been a hot topic in all litigation matters, and arbitration is no different. Parties continually complain that the other side is not producing documents, and while the dispute is often caused by an unreasonable demand, […]

Arbitration Brokers

Fight Back Revisited

A recurring problem in civil litigation is the filing of claims by plaintiffs which lack merit, or are which are filed for purposes other than to address a grievance or a wrong. The problem is particularly acute in the securities arbitration arena, where in addition to the cost, expense and […]


Securities Arbitration

Guide To Securities Arbitration When you finish reviewing the sites of “consultants” who want to help you sue your broker, visit the real securities law site – The Securities Law Home Page. Written, maintained, and supervised by a Wall Street securities attorney, you will get straight information on the law […]