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Mistake of Law is Not Disregard of Law

California Court upholds arbitration award Baraban Securities, Inc. v. Viersen & Watts, Case No. CV 00-02931 (WJR) (C.D. Calif., 4/18/00): Baraban alleges manifest disregard of the law in its petition to vacate the underlying NASD Award (NASD ID #97-02538, Portland, OR, 2/23/00), claiming that the claims were encompassed by a […]

Compel FINRA arbitration by non-customer
Analysis Arbitration

Refusal to Grant Adjournment

Third Time is not a charm Whale Securities Co., L.P. v. Godfrey, No. 565 (App. Div., 1Dept., 4/4/00): When SAC summarized the decision below, 10 SAC 9(16), we set out the facts in detail and posed the question: “How would you decide?” The question at hand, whether the Arbitrators engaged […]

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Fraud in Execution of Agreement is Defense in Arbitration

Fraud In Execution of Arbitration Agreement is Defense to Confirmation of Award  Even if the appellant did not move to vacate or object to the arbitration proceeding. Trading Direct v. LaRusso, 2002 Conn. Super. LEXIS 480 (Conn. Super., 2/7/02). Agreement to Arbitrate * Appealability * Award Challenge * Collateral Attack […]

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Forcing Customers to Waive Rights Has Consequences

Linden vs. American Express Financial Advisors – since forcing Claimant to give up her rights under California law, court vacates order compelling arbitration. Linden v. American Express Financial Advisors, Inc., No. CIV 205839 (Cal. Super. Ct., Ventura Cty., 9/25/02). Agreement to Arbitrate * Enforceability * Equitable Doctrine (Impossibility; Impracticality; Unconscionability). […]