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SEC Small Business Advisory Committee to Discuss the Accredited Investor Definition and the Role of Diversity in the Investment Process

SEC Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee has announced the agenda for its upcoming meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 29. The meeting will delve into key topics concerning small businesses and investors.

Morning Session: Accredited Investor Definition Discussion

In the morning session, the Committee will focus on the definition of an accredited investor. Committee members will provide insights into their perspectives and experiences with the existing definition. The discussion will also involve exploring potential changes to the accredited investor criteria. This segment aims to gather valuable input for potential revisions to enhance the effectiveness of the definition.

Afternoon Session: Diversity in Investment Process

The afternoon session will center around the merits of diversity metrics and use cases of diversity metrics in the investment process. Committee members will examine existing practices and voluntary disclosure related to diversity metrics. An invited panelist will share valuable information on the integration of diversity metrics into the investment process.

Subtopic: Role of Disclosure in Diversity Metrics

Within this discussion, the Committee will explore the role of disclosure in the context of diversity metrics. This includes understanding how varying diversity disclosures may be designed to achieve specific goals. The exploration will take into consideration the existing regulatory framework and address current legal challenges related to diversity disclosures.


Accessing the Meeting

Members of the public interested in following the discussions can watch the meeting live via webcast on Additional details, including the full agenda, meeting materials, and instructions on how to access the meeting, are available on the Committee webpage. This meeting represents an opportunity for stakeholders to stay informed about small business capital formation developments and investment practices.

SEC Press Release

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