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Understanding What is a Security?

A security is a form of ownership in an entity. While some believe that in order to be a security the instrument must be traded on a market, the legal definition of a security is much broader. The definition is important, because if the instrument is a security, then the federal and state securities laws apply to the purchase and sale of that instrument. We define and explain the different types of securities


What is a Securities Lawyer

A securities lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in securities law, which governs the issuance, sale, and trading of securities, such as stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. Securities lawyers assist clients in navigating the complex regulations and legal requirements related to securities offerings, compliance, and enforcement. Here are […]

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The History of US Securities Laws

Introduction The United States securities laws have played a crucial role in regulating the financial markets, protecting investors, and ensuring the integrity of the securities industry. These laws have evolved over time in response to various financial crises, fraudulent activities, and market manipulations. This essay will explore the history of […]