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Kim Kardashian Settles SEC Charges for Unlawfully Touting Crypto Security

October 3, 2022 – The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced charges against  and settlement with, Kim Kardashian for touting on social media a crypto asset security offered and sold by EthereumMax without disclosing the payment she received for the promotion.

Section 17(b) of the Securities Act makes it unlawful for any person to: publish, give publicity to, or circulate any notice, circular, advertisement, newspaper, article, letter, investment service, or communication which, though not purporting to offer a security for sale, describes such security for a
consideration received or to be received, directly or indirectly, from an issuer, underwriter, or dealer, without fully disclosing the receipt, whether past or prospective, of such consideration and the amount thereof.

The SEC‘s complaint alleged that Kardashian violated Section 17(b) of the Securities Act by touting the EMAX token sale on her social media account without disclosing that she received compensation from the issuer for doing so, and the amount of the consideration.

The SEC’s order finds that Kardashian violated the anti-touting provision of the federal securities laws. Without admitting or denying the SEC’s findings, Kardashian agreed to pay the aforementioned $1.26 million, including approximately $260,000 in disgorgement, which represents her promotional payment, plus prejudgment interest, and a $1,000,000 penalty. Kardashian also agreed to not promote any crypto asset securities for three years.

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