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UBS Desperate to Keep Clients

According to an article in AdvisorHub, UBS Orders Fee Waivers, Loan Discounts on Reassigned Accounts, UBS is drastically waiving fees and commissions for accounts of brokers who have left the firm, in a desperate attempt to keep those clients, and their assets. The fee waiver is causing concern for brokers who […]


UBS Pulls a Fast One on its Own Employees

Only a few months after withdrawing from the Protocol, UBS Financial Services is requiring brokers waiting for their 2017 bonuses to sign agreements that open them to lawsuits and arbitration complaints if they try to contact former clients within 12 months of leaving the U.S. broker-dealer unit of the Swiss bank. […]

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Massive Investment Banking Settlement

“These cases reflect a sad chapter in the history of American business — a chapter in which those who reaped enormous benefits from the trust of investors profoundly betrayed that trust. These cases also represent an important new chapter in our ongoing efforts to restore investors’ faith in the fairness […]