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Settlement:Bittrex Settles Charges of Operating Unregistered Securities Exchange

Introduction: The SEC has announced a settlement involving Bittrex Inc., a prominent crypto asset trading platform, and its co-founder, William Shihara. The agreement pertains to charges of operating an unregistered national securities exchange, broker, and clearing agency. Bittrex Inc.’s foreign affiliate, Bittrex Global GmbH, is also included in the settlement, […]

Corp Finance

Rule 147: The Intrastate Exemption Explained

Section 3(a)(11) of the Securities Act of 1933, Rule 147, the “intrastate offering exemption,” grants relief from the registration requirements of the Securities Act for securities that are offered and sold exclusively to individuals residing within a single State or Territory. To qualify for this exemption, the issuer of the […]

JP Morgan

JPMorgan Chase announces layoffs

July 12, 2023 – JPMorgan Chase revealed plans to terminate a number of positions in its Jersey City, New Jersey, branch. The planned layoffs are scheduled to occur in September, according to the notice. As the biggest U.S. lender, JPMorgan’s workforce totaled 296,877 at the close of the first quarter, […]