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Mistake of Law is Not Disregard of Law

California Court upholds arbitration award Baraban Securities, Inc. v. Viersen & Watts, Case No. CV 00-02931 (WJR) (C.D. Calif., 4/18/00): Baraban alleges manifest disregard of the law in its petition to vacate the underlying NASD Award (NASD ID #97-02538, Portland, OR, 2/23/00), claiming that the claims were encompassed by a […]

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Manifest Disregard of the Law Again

Failure to Provide Citations in Award Explanation Is Not Evidence of Manifest Disregard of the Law BUNZL DISTRIBUTION v. DEWBERRY, No. 00-2325 (8th Cir., 6/11/01): Claims of manifest disregard, based upon an alleged failure to apply applicable law, will not be presumed by an omission to cite the law. The […]